Yoga Class Descriptions

Yogacentric is dedicated to building healthy minds and bodies one breath at a time. We offer classes for all age and ability levels. Private lessons are also available.

Parent Child Yoga

Plant the seed of health and wellness in your child by practicing yoga together. Not only will you both gain strength, balance and flexibility you’ll build a lasting spiritual connection. Parents and children will learn to bring their awareness inside and develop a peaceful non-reactive mind. Studies show yoga is beneficial in building self esteem, better focus, and stress relief. This class will take you through the basic ashtanga yoga postures in a free flowing fun interactive way. 

Yin Yoga

Following a warmup with foam rollers and sun saluatations, students will melt into yin postures that require little or no strength. Each posture is held 3-5 minutes and targets the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) to make them longer and stronger. Traditional yoga is performed in a yang style with rythmic contractions and release which target the muscles.

Healthy Backs/Gentle Yoga

This class is catered towards those with limited mobility or new to physical exercise. Postures are performed on the floor or with wall support. The goal of this class is to improve back health, core strength, balance and flexibility. Participants will still reap the health benefits of yoga in a low impact format.

Yoga Foundations

An Ashtanga yoga class strongly recommended for everyone new or looking for a yoga refresher course. In this class you will learn the basics of Ashtanga yoga including sun salutations, and the primary series standing and seated postures. It's an intro class with a kick. Bring a towel and prepare to cleanse.

Slow Flow

With their eyes closed, students will bring their awareness inside while linking breath and movement in an easy to remember flow (sequence of postures). Students will be lead through a few rounds then set free to flow on their own. The flows are progessively challenging.

Hot Vinyasa

No it's not Bikram, but you'll sweat like it was 105 degrees. Learn to let go to energetic music and fast paced flows in this class. Students will be lead through a few rounds then set free to flow on their own. This is an advanced class.

Yoga for Young Athletes

Athletes often train only one set of muscles which leads to overuse and imbalances in their bodies which lead to injuries. Give your young athlete a foundation for success both mentally and physically this summer with yoga cross training. This 10 week session covers meditation, pranayama, myofascial release, strength, balance and flexibility work 

Yin Yasa

A soothing fusion of vinyasa and yin yoga.  In a reflection of the yin long holding style, the first 30 minutes we'll slowly flow through a series of postures to lengthen and strengthen. The last 30 minutes we'll utilize that heat and relax using only gravity to improve flexibility through long holding yin postures. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga Tone

In this class we combine the standard yoga postures with pulses, longer holds and challenging variations to increase intensity. The class ends with a relaxing yin recovery

Yoga 101

In this interactive 60 minute workshop you’ll explore the history, philosophy, pranayama (breath) and asana(posture) basics that form the mind body experience of Ashtanga yoga. Specifically you’ll learn the 6 types of yoga focusing on a form of hatha, called Ashtanga. We’ll share laughs, mantras and break a sweat in this non-judgmental space. You will leave empowered with the knowledge and confidence to attend your first studio class. Bring a mat, towel, water bottle and dress in layers. Donations will go towards the quarterly seva project in the city of Saline.